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Leo Ku has to overcome foul language and his fear of heights, making this cop role memorable
Director Lau Ho Leung feels Leo Ku's show business experience makes him perfect for the role
Leo Ku has to wrap his head to perform due to injury
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Leo Ku Kui Kei in the film TWO THUMBS UP (CHUNG FUNG CHEH) played the only "real cop", but actually in the heart of director Lau Ho Leung, Gei Jai's show business experience was just right for the character design. He was his only choice. Director Lau said, "He was a television host for such a long time before, hiding the fact that he actually could sing. He was waiting for an opportunity to tell everyone that actually he sang very well. Such a focus on what was important and waiting for a minute to prove himself was the emotion that I wanted."

Actually this time Gei Jai did not have an easy time at all to play this cop role well, because Director Lau gave the entire character crazy challenges. The first was catching a thief on a bicycle. Gei Jai said, "I am the type that only rode bicycles in the country when I was little, but if you said that I had to chase a crook down I wasn't really up to par. For this character I trained with a coach and learned to ride a bicycle." Director Lau followed, "Actually this time in the film he had the most difficult stuff. I felt that I kept finding something to throw his way. I wanted him to curse, he also had to wipe out at the start. Thus this handsome guy had to wrap up his head all along."

Speaking of the difficulties, Gei Jai recalled that junk yard experience. He was still weak at the knees from just thinking about it. "They used a crane to lift up a yacht, I stood on top of it. It was three or four stories up, I had a little fear of heights. When I was up there I was weak at the knees."

Although Gei Jai faced a variety of challenges from Director Lau, he said that he felt excited about working with a strong cast like Simon Yam Tat Wa and Francis Ng Chun Yu. He even praised Yam and Ng for their attentive care. "In one scene after a gun fight I had to jump off a minibus to the ground. Brothers Chun Yu and Wa were afraid that I would get hurt and looked for pads everywhere for me. In some very detailed spots I would sense that they really took care of me."

Dayo Wong Tze Wah guest starred in the film, but his name could only be seen in the end credit that said "Special Thanks: Wong Tze Wah" and he could not be seen in the film at all. He played the "Cockroach King" Cheung Bo Keung. In the film a lot of cockroaches appeared and almost crippled Hong Kong. With the film's Mainland release, sensitive people might make the connection between "cockroaches" and "locust" and thus the scene was removed.

Director Lau Ho Leung wanted to make up for that. He wrote online, "To me TWO THUMBS UP has not ended yet! I know many friends are concerned about that 'missing footage', because for 'certain reasons' it helplessly could not be released with the film! I am still working hard so this 'missing footage' can see the light of day! Because TWO THUMBS UP must have this scene to be complete! Everyone, please wait for me!"

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