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Andy Lau stars in another real life story in SAVING MR. WU.  Mainland actor and the original victim Wu Ruofu is also int the cast.  Andy Lau plays him.

Liu Ye is said to be the most likely to be the kidnapper.  Andy Lau, Wang Qianyuan and director Ding Sheng

After LOST AND LOVE (SUT GOO), Andy Lau Tak Wa will work on another real life story based film SAVING MR. WU. The film yesterday held a Beijing press conference. The film not only starred Wa Jai but also Best Actors Wang Qianyuan, Liu Ye. The cast and the director Ding Sheng as well as the original victim Wu Ruofu appeared. The press conference did not announce who the actors would play and even said everyone to guess the kidnapper. Wa Jai said that he had money and was busy with making movies, so he did not have time to kidnap anyone. Yet on the film's release date of September 30 he will "kidnap" the audience.

The film has been scheduled for a National Day release. Although the three Best Actors Wa Jai, Wang Qianyuan and Liu Ye kept quiet about their characters, the poster already revealed that Wa Jai was the kidnapping victim. They let everyone guess who would play the kidnapper. Everyone said that Liu Ye's company wanted to go public and he had two children to raise, so he needed money and he was the kidnapper. Liu Ye thus was imprisoned.

At the press conference Liu Ye even sang LOVE FORGETTING POTION in front of Wa Jai. Heavenly King Lau even danced for him. Liu Ye did not sing off key and Wa Jai praised his singing. Wa Jai even presented his calligraphy of the film title to the film company and wished the film a successful "kidnapping".

SAVING MR. WU was based on the Wu Ruofu kidnapping that rocked China 11 years ago. Wu Ruofu also appeared at yesterday's press conference. As an actor himself, this time he would play the police captain in the film. He said at the press conference that he initially turned down director Ding Sheng's offer to adapt the story, he said that he was not unwilling to return to the experience. He only worried that it would be commercialized and made unrecognizable. Later the director's sincerity convinced him. He saw how solid the script was and finally gave his nod.

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