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Janet Chow, TJ and Timmy Hung
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Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Patrick Tse Yin earlier appeared on the TVB program TELLING MARIA. Tse Yin mentioned that when his daughter Jennifer Tse Ting Ting was six, he had a sterilization operation behind his then wife Deborah Li's back and did not tell her until much later.

Hung Kam Bo talked about film. He said that he went to work in the U.S. because he did not like the bad habits of making Hong Kong films, like overly accommodating actors and ignoring film quality!

He also talked about his wives. His former wife was Korean. He said that at first he was not confident about the long distance relationship. Later due to work he met Joyce Godenzi (Go Lai Hung). She took care of his children from his previous marriage for him. He appreciated Go Lai Hung's complete contributions. His son Timmy Hung Tin ming and Janet Chow Ka Wai wed and had his grandson TJ Hung Tai Yan. Hung Kam Bo was very pleased that Hung Tin Ming was able to give a lot of time to take care of his family.

In the Seven Little Fortunes Hung Kam Bo was the closest to Jackie Chan. He discussed their childhood training experience and the side of Jackie Chan that few knew about. He also shared the first time he met Bruce Lee due to a film, how they met each other due to a fight and working together on ENTER THE DRAGON.

Hung Tin Ming yesterday posted a series of his son Hung Tai Yan's cute photos. "Several months ago, when I left hone for work TJ began to cry and said, 'Daddy don't go!' I really didn't want to leave home then. Yesterday when I left for work again, TJ said, 'Be careful!' He melted my heart!"

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