Friday, April 24, 2015


Hong Kong Film Award chair Gordon Chan made clarification after criticism of the show and apologize to Candy Cheung
Candy Cheung

The 34th Hong Kong Film Award has already taken place but the hosts and guests' comments left aftermath. Host Gordon Lam Ka Tung's disrespect of guests and Jordan Chan Siu Chun's lack of professionalism were criticized as very discourteous. Chan Siu Chun first admitted that he did not prepare enough. Lam Ka Tung earlier apologized to DOT 2 DOT (DIM DUI DIM)'s new actress Candy Cheung Suet Kun, who he called "Cheung Whoever" that night.

Yesterday the Hong Kong Film Award chair Chan Ka Seung made clarifications. He wrote a "sincere apology" online. "After this year's Hong Kong Film Award, I have been noticing the criticism. I must clarify some comments about the hosts. Regarding the hosts' style, it actually was at the request of the event production team. In order to make the live atmosphere more relaxed, I repeatedly asked each host to give up the traditional hosting methods to host the ceremony with the mentality of a gathering. Each host how bravely volunteered perhaps had some places that were grasped less than accurately, which were only performances that followed my requests. As the person responsible for the production, I should even more so accept criticism and bear the responsibility. I also sincerely apologize to Ms. Cheung Suet Kun and everyone at DOT 2 DOT. From now on we will plan to be even more cautious and work hard on improving."

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