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The 5th Beijing International Film Festival's IWC "For the Love of Cinema" Filmmakers night took place two nights ago in Beijing. Director Peter Chan Ho Sun received the IWC Filmmaker award. The Motion Picture Association of America also presented Outstanding Contributor to China-America Film Cooperation" prize to Chan Ho Sun.

Chan Ho Sun admitted that they were not only recognition and encouragements but also reminded him at every moment to keep doing his best in the future and better than he is now. Since the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival, the Motion Picture Association and IWC would organize during the film festival a grand filmmakers dinner and present the "Outstanding Contributor to China-America Film Cooperation" honorary certificate. In the past famous director Zhang Yimou, Feng Xiaogang, Xue Xiaolu have received the honor.

IWC brand ambassador Zhou Xun also attended to witness Chan Ho Sun's award acceptance. As for whether he will work with Zhou Xun again in the future, Chan Ho Sun said, "I feel that whether I will work with Zhou Xun, first we will need a suitable project. This time we constantly talked when we served on the Beijing International Film Festival jury. In addition this year we kept running into each other. Recalling my first co-production ten years ago, the first shot was of Zhou Xun. Thus we have the feeling of old friends getting together again, I am very happy." As for being on the jury, Chan Ho Sun said, "As the film festival jury member, I have only watched a few films so far so I am not at liberty to give evaluations yet. This jury line up is outstanding, I am very honored to watch movies with many excellent filmmakers. We don't have much difference of opinions."

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