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Shu Qi in Hou Hsiao-Hsien's THE ASSASSIN
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Richie Jen performs for birthday girl Shu Qi
Shu Qi thanks all the well wishers with her cats
Ruby Lin poses this photo with Shu Qi, Vivian Hsu, Janine Chang online
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The Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) directed and starred romantic film ALL YOU NEED IS LOVE (NGOR DIK PANG WU WAN) with Shu Qi has been scheduled for a summer release. Earlier they worked on the poster shoot. The attentive Siu Chai organized a surprise birthday party for Shu Qi and almost made her cry. When she cut the cake she also ran around Siu Chai. Her birthday wish was for all film to become big hits!

Yesterday was Shu Qi's birthday. Siu Chai planned a surprise birthday party for her in advance. During the shoot he suddenly took out a guitar and played Happy Birthday. Shu Qi was stunned as everyone began to sing along as well. Shu Qi clapped along. Siu Chai said, "This is the beautiful Shu Qi's 25th birthday!" Shu Qi screamed that she was only 18! Then Siu Chai brought a heart shaped gold flaked bird's nest birthday cake with the words "Dearest Goddess, Beautiful Forever, Happy Birthday!" Shu Qi after making a wish said, "I never expected to have this surprise at the poster shoot, I am almost moved to tears. My birthday wish is aside from good performance for my and Siu Chai's film, all films would be able to perform well as well!"

Shu Qi thanked this heart warming director. Siu Chai said, "I have to thank my goddess Shu Qi's strong support. From when I started to write the script, Shu Qi told me a lot of her ideas and romantic stories. I wrote them all into the story. I also thanked her very much for taking times out of her busy schedule to make the film, because getting her for a movie required a three year advanced scheduling. This time she just happened to be free due to some mishap with a film. I really have to thank my great beauty for her support. I have to properly promote this film, so everyone would know that she put a lot of effort into discuss many parts of the film and she very seriously made the film." He even guaranteed that everyone would see a different Shu Qi, because Shu Qi in his mind was the greatest actor. Shu Qi joked that Siu Chai originally could choose other people to star, only that she happened to be free. Siu Chai corrected her and said, "From when I first started writing the script I already cast you as the lead actress."

The 68th Cannes Film Festival yesterday announced that the Shu Qi starred, Hou Hsiao-Hsien directed film THE ASSASSIN will be in the competition. Shu Qi replied, "The entire film from preparation to completion took almost three years, because of this film my old injuries kept getting worse. Now a complete recovery is impossible. The Cannes Film Festival competition selection is my best birthday present this year as well as my best pain medication!"

Speaking of the injuries from the shoot, Shu Qi said that it was the most difficult time in her film career. "I once thought about never making another action film!" She continued, "I will treat the 20 new films that are selected normally. Every film will be a good film, being in competition is the biggest recognition for the film."

Shu Qi has already worked with Hou Hsiao-Hsien three times. "I hope the film will win Best Picture or Best Director, Because Director Hou is the Chinese master class god director, today's Shu Qi is only because of him!" Chang Chen said, "I am happy, elated! Thank you Director Hou, I am also happy for Director Hou!"

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