Thursday, April 16, 2015


The professional Kara Wai has no fear for the sand storm's effect on her health
Ariel Lin says that she has learned a lot from working with Kara Wai
Simon Louie, Alex Fong Lik Sun, Angela Chang and Kara Wai promote DEATH OUIJA 2 3D
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Kara Wai Ying Hung recently has been promoting two upcoming new film releases in Beijing. After promoting the ghost film DEATH OUIJA 2 3D (DIP SIN NGAI TAM 2) with Angela Chang Siu Hom, two days ago she and Ariel Lin promoted THE MYSTERIOUS FAMILY (SUN BEI GA JOOK). Both days attracted a lot of Mainland media coverage.

Sister Hun earlier had an accident while working on THE MYSTERIOUS FAMILY in Taiwan, a metal can cut her near her left eye. Two days ago when she appeared at the press conference everyone greeted her and showed their concern. However Sister Hung ran into the Beijing sand storm on this trip, and with the blooming Red Cotton Tree pollen and cotton her allergy acted up. With asthma to begin with, Sister Hung two days ago already had airway discomfort. With the sand storm she could not stop coughing. Her manager was very worried about Sister Hung's asthma and took extra care of her everywhere. She was even spared from stopping outdoors for too long, but Sister Hung braved the danger of triggering her asthma like a professional and continued to promote both films.

Sister Hung with THE MIDNIGHT AFTER was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress. Thus after completing her Beijing promotions, she would immediately return to Hong Kong to prepare for the Sunday award show.

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