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Gregory Wong signs five more years with the company and reveals that his raise is in multiples
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Gregory Wong renews his contract with Stephen Shiu Jr. for eight figures and is determined to direct
DaDa Chan
Gregory Wong signs with China 3D Digital Entertainment for five years
Stephen Shiu Jr. (second right) sends a sports car for the god Gregory Wong
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The 36 year old Gregory Wong Chung Hiu has been in the business for years. After signing with Stephen Shiu Jr. in recent years his popularity soared and he had endless film offers. Because of a series he established a loving warm man image and even became a new advertiser favorite. In half a year he has already made five commercials to become a "internet god"!

Yesterday Greg and boss Stephen Shiu Jr. held a contract signing ceremony under the Hong Kong Observation Wheel to announce his five year contract renewal with China 3D digital entertainment. It was the first press conference to take place under the Wheel. Greg and Stephen Shiu Jr. arrived in a luxury car and walked the red carpet, with support from artists Deon Cheung Chung Chi and Benji Chiang Man Kit. Greg thanked his boss for fulfilling his ten year dream and helping him with his own production company. Stephen Shiu Jr. presented him with a director's chair to fulfill his director dream with!

Stephen Shiu Jr. revealed that Greg's contract was renewed five months in advance and praised him to be a domestic production god with endless potential. "He is an actor with a lot of heart. Although we have only worked together for two years, but I am very happy that he has performed so well! I hope he could perform well as an actor and behind the scene, jump out of Hong Kong and invade the Mainland!" Greg revealed that his salary was doubled or tripled and he was very happy. Speaking of his own production company, he predicted that he would invest seven figures every year. "I will invest all of the money that I make. With Mr. Shiu we will work together at an appropriate time. I hope to make a movie next year, I want to make an award winning film and receive recognition from colleagues. (Will you adapt an internet novel again?) I am an internet god, of course I will continue to work together."

Reportedly, Greg who was interested in directing will fulfill his dream at the end of the year. His first film as a director will adapt Xiang Xi Haruki Murakami's internet novel THE SINKING CITY (SAI FONG GIK LOK). In the original work a hot renter seduced a married man and a series of twists and turns followed. The book had many online supporters early on. Reportedly Greg wanted to invite the buxom old flame DaDa Chan Jing to play the renter. Two could have super erotic scenes at any moment. Actually they once dated, and had a series of bed scenes in the film LAN KWAI FONG (HEI OI YEH PO). Working together on intimate scenes, they absolutely could be perfect!

Greg admitted last night that he planned to ask DaDa. "She is very professional, I would be very glad to work with her again. (Any sex scene?) The script hasn't been completed yet, I can't answer yet! (Would you have any full frontal nude scene?) If the script has such a need, I don't mind. I might also find a better lead actor and let others perform it!"

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