Friday, April 17, 2015


Leanne Fu, Kabby Hui, Jeana Ho and Carrie Ng
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Kabby Hui Nga Ting, Leanne Fu Hiu Mei and director Carrie Ng Ka Lai two nights ago attended their film ANGEL WHISPERS (FA GAI LAU HONG)'s fan appreciation event. The event arranged for surprise guest Jeana Ho Pui Yu to present a heart shaped cake, which Kabby cut in a "stabbing" ceremony.

Kabby said that it was a fan event two nights ago. 20 fans and friends were invited to enjoy the film; she also said that two days ago when the film opened, friends who went to the early show said that the film was very horrifying, bloody and joked that it would be very hard to face her again because they realized that she really was like a man. Kabby continued, "In the film I played an intersex person, friends who said that when I was uncovered in the film, they felt like they were there."

Kabby admitted that some male friends after watching the film cancelled their dates with her. Did she run into anything strange after the shoot? She said, "No, but when I put on the prop genitalia it was interesting. I kept staring at it and touching it. I even took photos with it." As for scaring off suitors, she said that it probably would not. Everyone should see her contribution to the film and she was not afraid of being stereotyped as a category III film star.

Ng Ka Lai said that she was very pleased with Kabby's performance. At first when she asked her to perform she thought that Kabby was innocent enough. She too has been a new comer, so she would like to give new comers chances.

Speaking of ANGEL WHISPERS' direct confrontation with the Hollywood blockbuster THE AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON, Ng Kai Lai said, "I don't know how we will confront them? With our heads or our feet? The most important is we did our best. I can describe it as a confrontation because the two films' markets and productions are different." Ng Ka Lai said that she was a new director and would accept criticism. She would also be happy about praises and would learn from the experience so next time she would improve. She hoped this time she was able to bring something fresh to the audience.

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