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Roy Chow forms a film company in hopes of contributing more to the film industry
NIGHTFALL won Roy Chow the Best New Director Hong Kong Film Award
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Director Roy Chow Hin Yeung with NIGHTFALL (DAI JUI BO) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best New Director. His third film even received ten Hong Kong Film Award nominations. Although Roy regretted that Best Picture was not among them, he was excited that lead actor Eddie Peng Yu-Yan was nominated for Best Actor. "I have confidence in him, it's very rare to be nominated with a kung fu action film. He had to fight and act, it was a great recognition. I never thought that the film would receive so many nominations. It's perfect! The award would be bonus."

After 16 years in the business, Roy last year finally started his own company . He hoped to challenge himself with different genre film productions, he would even participate in production and investment areas. "In the future I hope to make a drama, so the audience an see our production's seriousness and sincerity. If I wanted to make money I would have speculated in the property market, I wouldn't make movies. I make movies because I have a duty and ideas." Roy is busy with the detective film HAWTHORNE (FOK SONG), which already received Mainland and American company investments. "Every movie production would test me. Because it would have many different attempts, I want to make romance and something a little lighter. Investors and viewers have more and more confidence in me, taking one step at a time. The next few years will be very tough but a lot of fun."

Although he has begun working, Roy said that he would make time to be with his four month old daughter. "I have less time to take care of her, but I can't do anything about that. I would try to spend more time, I have to find the balance."

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