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The actors look intense in their arm wrestling contest
Nick Cheung congratulates Chang Chen on becoming a father and welcomes him back to the team
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Director Sunny Luk Kim Ching and Longman Leung Lok Man yesterday led HELIOS (CHET DOH) actors Nick Cheung Ka Fai, Chang Chen, Ji Jin-Hee, Choi Si-Won, Shawn Yue Man Lok, Wang Xueqi and Feng Wenjuan attended the press conference in Beijing to promote the film. Although Song God Jacky Cheung Hok Yau did not appear, he shot a video in advance to cheer on the team. The hunks even arm wrestled on the spot, which was very funny.

About Hok Yau's absence, Ka Fai joked, "'Gor Gor' Cheung Hok Yau didn't come because we are saving cost for the film company. It's enough just for One of us to be here." Hok Yau also called Ka Fai Little Brother in the video. He said, "I am sorry that I am unable to attend the press conference with the team, but I send 'Little Brother" Cheung Ka Fai." Ka Fai joked, "We are brothers from different fathers and mothers, actually I respect Hok Yau very much. He is a thinker. Aside from singing, I also appreciate Hok Yau's personal accomplishments."

New father Chang Chen earlier took his paternity leave to be with his wife. Now he has returned to the team to assist with the promotion and immediately became the interview focus. How did it feel to be a father? He said, "Someone said that after a man becomes a father he would radiate another feeling, he would become gentle. The me in the film wouldn't appear again." Ka Fai also wished him well. "This is the greatest gift from Heaven." Director Leung Lok Man revealed that he hoped to make a romance with the team. Although Hok Yau did not attend, his theme song music video RED FEAT was played. Then the host invited "Double Cheung" Ka Fai and Chang Chen to the stage. Ka Fai joked, "Just now the director said that he wanted to make a romance. I feel bad for the two actresses, there are too many guys!" Chang Chen added, "Let me play a woman!" Ka Fai said about his white hair. "Now I am bald, like I just got out of prison. So I am wearing a wig."

Chang Chen also said that in the past he kept his distance from guns, but this time we had live fire exercises and the feeling was very exciting. Then the entire cast introduced their "toughest" part in the film. Wang Xueqi said that his dialogue was the toughest, Yue Man Lok said, "Bang bang bang bang bang, click click, bang bang bang bang bang, haha, because in the film I am responsible for opening fire." Playing Wang Xueqi's assistant, Feng Wenjuan joked, "I don't have any tough dialogue, but I have a tough background in Mr. Wang Xueqi." Choi Si-Won with his Prince Charming look said, "My eyes are the toughest." A female reporter screamed in the audience. The host asked him to demonstrate. He said, "You have to go to the movies!" Ji Jin-Hee said that his identity in the film was very "tough" because he shouldered the duty of resolving the crisis in Hong Kong. Then Lok Jai arm wrestled Ka Fai and Wang Xueqi. Choi Si-Won arm wrestled Ka Fai, but both Lok Jai and Ka Fai said, "First place!" In the end the event had no fire power but a lot of fun.

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