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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung's father, famous Cantonese film actor Patrick Tse Yin earlier appeared on Maria Lai Chi San's TVB program TELLING MARIA. Many people thought that Ting Fung was rebellious in his youth, Sei Gor thought that he was even worse at his age. He also shared his own experience and discussed how to find the balance in life amid a busy work schedule.

Sei Gor was born into a wealthy family. His great grandfather and grandfather operated silver shops in Guangzhou. When he was little he came with his parents as refugees to Hong Kong and all the wealth was gone. He was the fourth among his eight siblings, then he was known as "Sei Gor". Sei Gor joined show business in 1954. His first film was TAPS OFF, DOWNSTAIRS! (LAU HA SAN SHUI HAU). Then he followed his mentor Chun Kim and joined Kong Ngee. Due to his stature and appearance he became popular with the audience and starred in over 100 films. As the top star, although his income drastically increased, because he had an entire family to take care of and he lacked financial management concepts he almost spent all of his saving.

Sei Gor even graciously talked about his relationships with Ka Ling, Josephine Siao Fong Fong, Chen Chen and Deborah Li. With his playboy appearance he met Ka Ling and Siao Fong Fong on the set and both relationships ended. By chance Sei Gor met Chen Chen. After six years of dating they decided to wed, but their marriage only lasted two years. Outsiders thought that it was due to Liu Chia Chang, which Sei Gor explained. Sei Gor also had Ting Fung and Ting Ting with Deborah Li. He not only revealed the Lai Goo designed childbirth secret formulas but also talked about his relationship with Ting Fung. He also shared his impression of Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi.

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