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Nina Paw
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Zhou Dongyu won Best Actress earlier in Macau
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Ma Sichun, Zhou Dongyu (SOUL MATE)
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The 36th Hong Kong Film Award will take place on April 9th. The Best Actress competition caught attention. This year's race has been fierce. Both winning Golden Horse Best Actress with SOUL MATE, Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun will battle two Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress elders Kara Wai Ying Hung and Nina Paw Hee Ching.

Although all 5 nominees were evenly matched, HAPPINESS' Siu Hung indeed was the favorite. Both Sister Bau and Zhou Dongyu publicly picked her to win. Siu Hung earlier won Best Actress in Germany with this film and received recognition from directors, as she won the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Award Best Actress; in addition she played the character with her mother as the blue print all the way to age 80 something. Her body language was rather outstanding. Was she confident about winning Best Actress again as she did with MY YOUNG AUNTIE and AT THE END OF DAYBREAK? Siu Hung said, "Nothing is certain, I already did my best. Box office and awards are beyond my control. I took the role mainly in hopes of through the film more people would understand the Alzheimer's disease. I took care of my Alzheimer's inflicted mother for decades. From mother in her youth, getting sick to old age, the illness becoming more and more severe and her health deteriorating, I knew about with absolute certainty; the performance to me wasn't too hard." Siu Hung stated that with the nomination of course she wanted to win, but it truly was beyond her control as other actresses performed very well too.

Sister Bau's performance in SHOW ME YOUR LOVE received raves. "Paw Hee Ching 'cooked up' a mother who was an impulsive, restless, mischievous and guilt ridden woman. Every second was drama. The most exciting was her sick bed farewell scene with her son, detailed with layers and hooked viewers in". However, Sister Bau did not pick herself. Instead she picked Siu Hung to win again. She said, "With limited budget, I already feel proud of the nomination. I feel that fortunately I have luck with the audience, everyone like the movie after watching it and are moved to tears. I believe my performance is decent, but the film's limited budget is a flaw. It is unable to be packaged to its most perfect, but the entire story structure is great. It is the real story of the director and his mother, it is very touching! (Who would you pick to win?) Of course my favorite and the most beloved Siu Hung! Siu Hung does great, her grasps on the physical aspects and the Alzheimer's are great, very precise. She deserves to win so many awards! (What about SOUL MATE's Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun?) They both are great, two young people do very well. They are invaluably rare. The race is definitely between these two movies. I feel that they are evenly matched. (Are you optimistic about your chances?) I wrote on fb I was honored in defeat, and I set a record. I have already been nominated for Best Actress many times, I am already very pleased!"

Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun's performance in SOUL MATE was detailed. Zhou Dongyu after winning the Golden Horse Best Actress earlier won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actress. At the time Zhou Dongyu picked Wai Ying Hung but also stated that she wanted to win the Hong Kong Film Award as well.

THE BOOK OF LOVE's Tang Wei due to the film's average word of mouth would more likely fall short in the competition.

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