Monday, April 24, 2017


Brian Yuen, Rose Chan, Checkley Sin, Lemon Yip, Rachel Chau
Sharon Luk
Lydia Tong
Grace Lam

Checkley Sin brings his wife and daughter
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Checkley Sin Kwok Lam's National Art Group last night held as relocation opening ceremony and anniversary dinner. Commerce and economic development bureau secretary So Kam Leung, Master Sin's artists Rose Chan Ka Wun, Brian Yuen Chung Yeung, Rachel Chau Ka Lei, Lemon Yip Chi Yu, Sammo Hung Kam Bo and his son Timmy Hung Tin Ming, Grace Lam Nga Sze, Melvin Wong Kam Sun, Philip Chan Yan Kin, Bennett Pang Kin Sun, Sharon Luk Sze wan all attended. The 27th will be Master Sin's 60th birthday. He said that his wife last night arranged for a surprised celebration.

Master Sin revealed that the group last year ended up at a loss, but this year it already turned a profit of HK$ 19 million. One of its company also gave dividends and could answer to shareholders. In the future it would promote the Foshan Studio with tourism. Each studio would have an interactive game area.

Chan Ka Wun said that she gave Master Sin health food for his birthday. She hoped to share in the company's profit and the Master has promised her the lead in a movie about the Kowloon Walled City. She said that last year the company made OUR DAYS (NGOR MOON DIK 6E BAN) for her junior colleagues. She only guest starred as a host. Originally she wanted to play the school flower but did not get the chance. Rose said taht at school because she developed early she was too tall to be a school flower. Guys were afraid of getting close to her. However Rose was popular with female students. When they went to the bathroom they always asked her to protect them, and she was in charge of cleaning the blackboard.

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