Monday, April 10, 2017


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The band Supper Moment with the film WEEDS ON FIRE's song ANTHEM OF SHATIN MARTINS won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Original Film Song. three of the four Supper Moment members yesterday promoted their new song on the radio. Speaking of their victory, they said, "It was like a dream, we were able to walk the red carpet and perform. We also saw many film idols. We saw Ng Man Tat at the bathroom. He didn't know us but he chatted with us. Later we took a photo at the entrance."

Member Ah Tat said that he wanted to take a picture with Karl Maka the most, because many people said that he looked like Maka. Finally he was too shy to do it. Would they try more film music or make movies, they stressed that they did not make music for an award. This time was destiny. Then they took the chance to promote their new song. "The new song's music video was shot backward. The hardest was to lip sync backward."

Guest presenter Shirley Kwan Suk Yi misread their name as "Super Moment". They said that they did not mind because many people have misread their band name. (How was the collaboration with Kwan Suk Yi?) It went very smoothly. Everyone interacted very well."

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