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Ko Chen-Tung guest stars in Giddens Ko's new film

Kent Tsai has a style of his own
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The 41st Hong Kong International Film Festival closing film MON MON MON MONSTERS! two nights ago held its world premiere at the Hong Kong Cultural Center. Director Giddens Ko, producer Angie Chai, actors Kent Tsai, Eugenie Liu, Yukai Deng and Carolyn Chen appeared together.

Giddens Ko said this was not a monster flm, but a movie with a monster in it; Angie Chai said that at first the film was just a low budget production, but finally the production cost over NT $ 100 million! Lead actor Kent Tsai got the lead in his first debut. In it he played a high school bully. He said, "At first I felt the character was very challenging, later with help from the other actors I felt great." As for the monster, Eugenie Liu looked sweet. She revealed that she went two weeks without washing her hair to bring the characer to life. She did not even cut her finger nails. She also said that the constume required cookie crumbs on her head. To her it was a rather big breakthrough.

Directing again after six years, Giddens Ko said that he has not thought about the new film being able to break YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE's box office record because they were two different genres. He also said that YOU was a record. It was very fortunately to perform so well, thus he chose Hong Kong for the world premiere. As for the all new comer cast, Director Ko said, "I have an actor obstacle. If I ask (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai and Gum Sing Mo (Takeshi Kaneshiro), would they play high school students? I have to find actors of the right age." He also said that with new actors, even if he asked them to repeat their performance they would not decline. He would not feel bad about it either.

Director Ko also praised Kent Tsai for performing very well despite it being his first performance. He had quite a style of his own. Would he hope Kent Tsai to be as successful as YOU's Ko Chen-Tung? Director Ko said, "Ko Chen-Tung was a genius, for awhile I thought I took him to the sky. Later I finally realized that he and Michelle Chen brought me to the sky. (Would you make Kent Tsai the second Ko Chen-Tung?) Ko Chen-Tung is Ko Chen-Tung, Kent Tsai can be the first Kent Tsai. No one can replace them. They also belong to the same company, they can learn from each other." He also said that Ko Chen-Tung this time guest starred as a high school student. During the shoot he told him what he was making at the last minute and he only needed one take.

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