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Yu Chiu and Fish Liew are more like sister in age but will play mother and daughter
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Fish Liew Chi Yu, Yu Chiu Chung Yu and Alan Po (Bo Chi Lun) yesterday attended their new film NGOK YU TAM (CROCODILE TALK)'s production start ceremony. Liew Chi Yi with SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) was nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She was not confident in winning, instead she hoped her co-star and Best New Performer nominee Jennifer Yu Heung Yi would win. Just turning 27 (March 31st) she revealed that she celebrated with her boyfriend with a trip to Osaka, Japan. Her boyfriend bought a little cake. Her birthday wish was a smooth career for her boyfriend and safety for everyone.

The 34 year old Chiu Chung Yu in the film would play Liew Chi Yu's mother. Yu was asked how could she have such a daughter this old? Yu said, "I am young but I am an old soul! I am already a Mommy. In Hong Kong, life is very hard. I have asked the director how to play it, but I feel it's a challenge."

Bo Chi Lun, Liew Chi Yu and Hedwig Tam Sin Yin would have romantic scenes. Would he cheat? He said, "I can't do it normally, so I can only do it in the movie." Would he have any intimate scene with them? He did not know yet and would try to coordinate as much as he could. However they would not need to be too extreme. He said, "I am not afraid that my wife would be jealous, I am afraid that it would be too awkward to perform. Earlier, Dash and Jeana in a movie had an intimate scene. Dash was so embarrassed that it took a very long time before it was finished."

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