Friday, April 14, 2017


Jennifer Yu
Fish Liew
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Jennifer Yu Heung Yi and Fish Liew Chi Yu yesterday attended a Tainan street food festival promotion. They said that they have always wanted to visit Taiwan together, but after the Hong Kong Film Awards they have been busy on their own.

They said that they were afraid after the film SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI) and the Hong Kong Film Award fever no one would offer them movies. Luckily they had many films. Yu Heung Yi earlier was in a car accident. She said that the injury has not affected her work. She only needed to reshoot some commercials and thanked the advertisers for supporting her. Now she has recovered and did not have to watch what she ate.

As for when they would travel together, Yu Heung Yi said that she had to finish two movies first; Liew Chi Yu said that she had to have a next movie before. Yu Heung Yi said, "After the Hong Kong Film Award, I feel I am very hopeful about acting. My parents said that it would be hard to make a living from making movies, but in recent years I felt like I was able to chase dreams. Although I haven't won yet, I am not disappointed either." They said that at the celebration, they broke down and cried like crazy. The most memorable was when the fresh out of the oven Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung came to encourage them, he even let them have a taste of holding the award.

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