Tuesday, April 11, 2017


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Joseph Chang Hsiao-Chuan, Zhou Dongyu, Joy Sheng two nights ago attended the film A NAIL CLIPPPER ROMANCE's premiere. Chang Hsiao-Chuan and Zhou Dongyu behaved like strangers and almost had no exchange. When Zhou Dongyu saw him taking off his shirt in one scene, she cracked up and felt that Chang Hsiao-Chuan was quite mysterious and decent.

Zhou Dongyu saw Chang Hsiao-Chuan's topless scene from the film and cracked up. She praised that he was in great shape. Every time she saw him taking off his clothes she would laugh, as she found it very hard to focus on her performance. She said, "I don't know why, when he is topless I laugh. His chest is bigger than mine, anyone's is bigger than me. (Do you like muscular guys?) That's good too. (Chang Hsiao-Chuan does not talk much, are you afraid that he would bore you?) People who don't talk much are even more mysterious, that's pretty special -- at least to me anyway. (Would you choose the silent or the talkative type for a boyfriend?) I like all kinds."

Chang Hsiao-Chuan said about acting like strangers with Zhou Dongyu on the stage. He said, "Not really." Then he jokingly walked closer to her a little. When asked about working with Zhou Dongyu, he said, "Actually it's not bad, at the start I thought her speaking and thinking were more active. At first I was a little not used to it, after I was I had no problem." Chang Hsiao-Chuan while making A NAIL CLIPPER ROMANCE did not work out, but the film went to Hawaii for location shoot. Whenever he had time he went surfing. However because the waves were large they were dangerous, and he had to be a little more careful."

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