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The Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed SOUL MATE received the most Hong Kong Film Award nominations with 12, but in the end it only won Best Original Film Score. Tsang Kwok Cheung still attended the celebration with his girlfriend Venus Wong Man Yik, but Best Actress nominee Zhou Dongyu said that she already removed her make up and denied any photo or interview.

Speaking of his father Eric Tsang Chi Wai comforting him that he still would have many chances, Kwok Cheung agreed. Ultimately this nomination was already a good start. However he still was disappointed that he was unable to win with Papa. He sad, "Actually it is very hard to be able to win together. It's not just for me. When I saw him win I really wanted to win too." However Kwok Cheung sad that Papa comforted him, instead he "stared" at Papa all night as he was afraid that he would be disappointed and upset. He said, "I am fine, I only regret that father and son couldn't win together. It would have been very meaningful!"

Kwok Cheung pointed out that the most regrettable was that he did not win Best Director, but of course other departments on the entire film also performed outstandingly. How did Wong Man Yik comfort her boyfriend? Kwok Cheung answered, "She kept coaxing me, patting me, she was afraid that I would be upset." Wong Man Yik's face turned red. Kwok Cheung joked, "Wow! Your face is red! I didn't win but you have an even bigger reaction than I did."

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