Monday, April 17, 2017


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Andy Huang, the cat alien, Liu Chutian, and Louis Koo
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The Benny Chan Muk Sing directed family comedy MEOW (MIU SING YUN) yesterday held its Beijing press conference. Chan Muk Sing and actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Liu Chutian, Andy Huang Xingyuan and the alien cat appeared at the MEOW theme park decorated set to meet with the media.

At the press conference Chan Muk Sing stated this film's money was spent on the alien cat and spoke of the "price" behind the cat's cuteness. He said that his appearance took three of the best special effect companies and over 1,000 special effect shots. "So it costs a lot of money." However it was well worth the price because this alien cat "was no trouble at all. It would bring everyone a lot of joy."

Chan Muk Sing even revealed, the alien cat originally was a very fit "Meow Warrior", "in the end it became very fat."

Goo Jai said, "Because I have to take care of such a big cat, all of my money goes to feed it. In the end it becomes this fat."

This would be Goo Jai and Chan Muk Sing's 6th collaboration. Earlier when they worked together on ROB B HOOD (BO BUI GAI WAT), Goo Jai suggested for Chan Muk Sing to make a comedy. At the same time Chan Muk Sing felt that Goo Jai who was normally very cool was full of comedic potential within.

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