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Neo Yau plays a student again and jokes that there will be no next time
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ViuTV on May 1st will release a new program FRESH WAVE TALK and select many films from the 11th Fresh Wave International Short Film Festival to air. Fresh Wave founder Johnnie To Kei Fung, actors Rain Lau Yuk Chui, Ko Hong Man, Joman Chiang yesterday attended the FRESH WAVE TALK press conference.

To Sir said that at first he started Fresh Wave because too many young people asked him about how to get into the business. Nowadays he could see young people's need for this platform even more. In the future aside from short film productions, it will provide more education, forums, sharing activities for the younger generation to know more about film. At the same time, it would also coordinate more in terms of film, find more investors for them to meet and cultivate some directors and screen writers. Has any director and screen writer caught To Sir's eye? He said, "I don't get to, the Fresh Wave platform only gives them a place to perform. They don't belong to To Kei Fung, they belong to the entire Hong Kong film industry."

Television used to be the source of filmmakers, but now it is not like it used to be. To Sir stated, "More than 60% of our film industry came from television. At the time it had more capacity, relatively promoting independence and creativity. Today television may not be able to do that because the concept and the competition environment are different. I heard that now the most important in television completion, you don't need to bring a brain to work. In the past if you were willing to fight, you might receive some executives' support. The situation is very different, different eras do things differently."

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