Thursday, April 13, 2017


Father and son Sammo and Timmy Hung
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The costume historical action epic GOD OF WAR yesterday held a Beijing press conference. Director Gordon Chan Ka Seung appeared with Vincent Zhao Wenzhou, Sammo Hung Kam Bo, Wu Yue, Timmy Hung Tin Ming and other actors. Two generations of kung fu superstar Hung Kam Bo and Zhao Wenzhou met. They said that in the film they played General Qi and Commander Yu and fought together. In the film they even had a one on one sparring. Zhao Wenzhou admitted that it was good karma from his previous life.

Zhao Wenzhou and Hung Kam Bo have played countless heroes. This time they worked together for the first time, on and off screen they were filled with chemistry. Director Chan Ka Seung also said, "The happiest part about making GOD OF WAR is the first collaboration between this pair of kung fu superstars Wenzhou and Big Brother Hung Kam Bo. It absolutely is another summit duel in Chinese kung fu film."

Speaking of film, Hung Kam Bo energetically said, "The fight felt comfortable, the viewing felt fun! Sparks everywhere! You have to see it!" Zhao Wenzhou said, "For Big Brother Hung Kam Bo, I am just like General Qi to Commander Yu. I have endless respect for the elder. Through this in depth collaboration I also learned from Big Brother Kam Bo a lot of life." As for martial arts, Zhao Wenzhou had nothing but praise for Big Brother. He said that Big Brother Hung Kam Bo was great with staff. He also said, "I was able to play General Qi, even able to spar with Big Brother one on one in the film. Truly it is good karma from my previous life!" Hung Kam Bo cracked up.

As for working with his father, Hung Tin Ming admitted, "At his age Father still insists on performing personally, it's very tough and I admire him very much. However the most regrettable is I didn't spar with Father. Normally when he hits me, I can't fight back, but in the film I can!" Hung Kam Bo said, "Even if you can fight back, you are still no match for me!"

Director Chan Ka Seung for the film not only visited General Qi's battlefields but also personally visited famous historian Li Bo for research. Chan Ka Seung said, "Our movie is a big action film that is full of positive energy."

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