Tuesday, April 18, 2017


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Michelle Wai and Anthony Wong attend their film THE SLEEP CURSE's Hong Kong International Film Festival premiere.  The version screened is  the uncut version
courtesy of mingpao.com

Anthony Wong Chau Sun, Michelle Wai Sze Nga and Bryant Mak Chi Lok two nights ago attended the film THE SLEEP CURSE (SUT MIN)'s premiere. Chau Sun said that the premiere was the original uncut category IV version. He said that the film had lot of medical science. The theatrical release later would definitely be the category III version.

Wai Sze Nga in the film was a sexual abuse victim, which the shoot she was bruised all over. She said, "I didn't know during the shoot, but I trusted the director a lot and I was in character. I only found out at playback how far it went. No wonder the female workers on the set got teary eyed when they saw me, the guys didn't dare to look. The on set atmosphere at the time was very suppressed, for a long time after the shoot I didn't dare to look at Lam Ka Tung in the eye."

Sze Nga said that playing two characters was difficult, but felt that she was able to shine for Hong Kong actresses. In recent years with all the co-productions the opportunities might not fall on Hong Kong actresses. She hoped this time proved that many actors were very willing to take risks and hard working. She also revealed that originally her family wanted to come to the premiere, but she declined. "I am afraid that when they see me their hearts would ache."

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