Wednesday, April 19, 2017


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The Eddie Peng Yu-Yan starred new film OUR TIME WILL COME (MING YUET GEI SAI YAU) took place during the three year and eight month long Japanese occupation of Hong Kong. The film will open in July. In the film Peng Yu-Yan played a guerrilla captain Lau Hak Jai. He not only studied the script and history but also risked his looks to be more convincing. He invited special effect make up artists to put on "fake finger nails" for him. Because in the film the guerrilla had many gun fight scenes, their finger nails could not possibly be clean. In the end the prop nails were so realistic that even the crew thought they were real. They asked him about the health of his finger nails.

This time Peng Yu-Yan even put the close combat, bicycling and shooting skills that he learned earlier to use. He admitted that at first he never thought that he would have any chance to use them, thus he planned to learn more once he would have a chance to later.

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