Thursday, April 6, 2017


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Carina Lau and Cherie Chung
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Roger Vivier celebrates its Central Landmark Pop up Counter opening by inviting 10 trendy celebrities to design Photocall Bags that are on display. Although yesterday Cherie Chung Chor Hung and Carina Lau Ka Ling arrived one after another, the two film industry goddesses immediately greeted each other and took photos.

Ka Ling revealed that her own fashon label is preparing a fashion show at the Shanghai fashion week. She felt outside the film industry, being a designer also had a great sense of satisfaction and achievement. Has her husband Tony Leung Chiu Wai given her any critique? She boldly answered, "For now he has no reaction, maybe he doesn't dare to say it's not good. However, Wai Jai also gave me a lot of design inspiration, like exercising, meditation and he is very zen." As for Jackie Chan, Elaine Ng Yi Lei and her daughter becoming a topic again, Jackie Chan's friend Ka Ling lamented, "I read about it in the newspaper, it's very hard to talk about other people's families. I hope everyone would get over this smoothly, everyone have their own hardship." She said that she has never heard about Jackie Chan being extorted, and she has never seen him cry. Some said that Jackie Chan was a loving and loyal person. Ka Ling said, "People have many layers, not just one side. I have a lot of sides myself. What we see isn't all of his sides. We usually see Jackie Chan's happy side." Ka Ling felt tha Jackie Chan is a Hong Kong film industry outstanding artist, one that she as an artist would be proud of; as for his home life, it would be very difficult for others to talk about.

Hung Goo admitted that she was interested in designing. "I would create everyday, like floral arrangement. I would also travel, different places would lead to different inspirations." She said that she and Ka Ling have never worked together on a movie, perhaps she retired from the film industry too soon. Hung Goo's film LAST ROMANCE released a remastered version. She explained that it was director Yonfan's choice. Hung Goo did not plan to watch her own film again. "Maybe he really liked this movie, and it was a Yik Shu original creation. I think that my performance at the time was less than perfect, but the old structures in the film are pretty romantic and bring back some beautiful memories." She admitted that she minded her acting was not mature enough back then. Thus she would only watch parts of the film. She would not dare to watch the entire film.

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