Friday, April 7, 2017


Isabel Chan and Mia Yam
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The film LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING)'s Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Isabel Chan Yat Ning and Yan Qing earlier tried aerial yoga. Chin Wa said that she first came in contact with this exercise for the film. During practice she was crying for help! With the assistance of the instructor she was stretching in mid air, as her face and ears turned all red and her hair messed up. When she tried to "spread her legs" in mid air, she was pouting as her face was twisted in pain. She kept screaming "That really hurts"! She said that she almost got a cramp from stretching. Centrifugal force also scared her. "I have never done it before, it's hard. The centrifugal force scared me! However I want to keep learning because I benefit a lot from this time. I discovered the possibilities of physical mechanics. Next time I can perform at the Body exhibit!"

Chan Yat Ning also "tapped out" as her right leg cramped up. She had to sit down and rest. With a pained look on her face she explained that she used too much force and was too tense. "I am so cramped up I had to stop and sit down!" Yan Qing was able to perform a split in mid air. She revealed that she studied dance when she was little, and she exercised regularly. Thus she was more limber.

Chin Wa said that although she was not nominated for a Hong Kong Film Award, she was just as nervous. "They cooked up a great atmosphere, I will go!" She was busy with the film and soundtrack promotion. Next week she will fly all over to promote. She would not have time to travel with her son during the Easter holiday. Did her son act up? She said, "He knows that when I have make up on I have to work, then he refuses to sleep. He even takes away my hand bag or put Lego in my shoes."

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