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Wallace Huo as Chiang Kai-Shek
Liu Ye plays Mao Zedong 
Andrew Lau
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The 7th Beijing International Film Festival two days ago opened in Beijing, as Beijing welcomed the 7 day long "film time". The film THE FOUNDING OF AN ARMY's Andrew Lau Wai Keung led the stars to a Beijing International Film Festival appearance. Stars Liu Ye, Zhu Yawen, Oho Ou, Xiao Ai, Bai Yu, Liang Dawei, Lu Hongming, Liuxun Zimo, Li Ing, and others appeared. Producer Huang Jianxin praised the young actors was not afraid of how tough the military training was. Playing Mao Zedong again, Liu Ye also explained that the character was similar to his own growth.

The 7th Beijing International Film Festival committee's Hu Dong said that this year's film festival will include opening and closing ceremony, the "Tiantan Award" competition, the Beijing film screenings, theme forums, film market, film carnival, along with documentary, classic Beijing Opera film, internet film, film concert and over 300 types of events. Almost 500 films will be screened at 30 Beijing cinemas, art cinema and higher education institution cinemas. As one of the bright spots of this year's film festival, the "One Belt, One Road" program will feature films from the nations along the route. Two nights ago a giant opening ceremony took place. Guests Sylvia Chang and Wu Gang recommended film selections at the opening ceremony. The "Tiantan" award jury put their hands in cement.

THE FOUNDING OF AN ARMY released the "igniting the youth" special, revealing for the first time the film's battle scenes. All the leads were young actors. Huang Jianxin said that their characters were even younger at the time. He said, "At the time Su Yu, Lin Biao, Deng Xiaoping were 19. After watching the trailer no one would ask me this question again. It was quite an experience working with these young actors, everyday they were training in 30 degree Celsius heat for 30 days." Chief art director Han Sanping stated that this film was full of youth and passion. Executive producer Yu Dong also said that Lau Wai Keung directing the war genre was a stroke of genius, for example the Liu Ye played Mao Zedong went in the Yangtze River, smiling and waving to Zhou Enlai. Several big bosses were full of confidence in the box office and hoped for twice the total of the two previous films -- 1.6 billion yuan.

Speaking of the cast, producer Huang Jianxin said, "We gave the duty of interpreting the high spirited young revolutionary elders to the just as youthful young actors to complete. The actors worked hard and overcame hardship, contributing precise, sincere and passionate performances!"

This film's script alone took almost two years to hone. Each actor before joining the team had to research their roles fully and prepare so they would get into their characters easier. At the same time they also accepted professional military training. All of the actors gave all of their talent and effort. Everyone joined the team with 100% passion, the credit of which belonged to director Lau Wai Keung. He was always great at gathering the strength of unity. Wherever he was the team would work as one from top to bottom! This time his production technique made the enormous effect appear in the film and also pleased the film companies very much. He was able to achieve that thrillingly grand action scenes.

After 6 years the timing was perfect to play Mao Zedong again. Liu Ye also explained that the character's growth was similar to his. he said, "I had more and more understanding of that period of history. Over the years I have a family and become more and more mature, I am also even mature to the understanding of duty and understand the revolutionary forefathers even more thoroughly."

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