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Gordon Lam
Richie Jen jokes that his performance as a robbery king is n his nature
Tony Leung Ka Fai
Richie Jen praises Shawn Yue's acting maturation
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First time Best Actor nominee Gordon Lam has not thought about his chances, friendship comes first
Richie Jen is happy about turning from singer to actor.  
Gordon Lam admits that he has worked with many superstars, his report card is very full and he is already very satisfied.
Richie Jen hopes to challenge himself in the future, play different genres and characters.
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The 36th Hong Kong Film Award will take place on April 9th at the Cultural Center. The most eye catching of course are the battles for Best Actor and Best Actress. Today we first analyze the Best Actor situation. First time Best Actor nominee with TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG), Gordon Lam Ka Tung won the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award and the Hong Kong Film Directors' Guild Award Best Actor and was considered the favorite. After 30 years in the business, would Ka Fai defeat elders Francis Ng Chun Yu and Tony Leung Ka Fai for a taste of the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor? Ka Tung did not think about it. Friendship came first. Instead he picked his co-star Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) to win.

Ka Tung was considered the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor favorite, many felt that it would be between him and SHED SKIN PAPA's Ng Chun Yu. Ka Tung said, "I haven't thought about it. The film industry is a big family. At the most recent Oscars, I saw that class. Everyone went to have fun, who won truly did not important. The most important was friendship came first. In the future everyone would have a chance to work together." He instead hoped after the nomination he would have more chance to perform and develop in the future. "It doesn't mean that I would be selective with my roles and target space for development. Like this time with TRIVISA, luckily the directors loved to talk with me. We explored each other's inside world. The scene at the track, the pier and on the rooftop were very fun."

Among the three characters in TRIVISA, his character sent chills to people's bones. It was relatively outstanding. Ka Tung explained, "My character seemed normal, I didn't have many co-stars. I only had Hak Jai (Philip Keung Ho Man) and a little girl. Thus the directors focused on me. In comparison I had more potential, which was also where my advantage lay." Ka Tung instead felt that Siu Chai was strong competition because he thought Siu Chai's character was not easy to play either. He has never seen Siu Chai so vicious.

When he jumped from television to film, he became a support player. Ka Tung was not disappointed; now he finally is nominated for Best Actor, but he did not feel he finally made it. He said, "I am very lucky. In comparison to my colleagues of the same period, I have been luckier than many people. Many have already changed jobs; of course, some had even better performance. I would lie to myself. I have worked with many directors and superstars, I probably have worked with anyone would mention: Fat Gor (Chow Yun Fat), (Alex) Man Chi Leung, (Anita) Mui Yim Fong, (Andy) Lau Tak Wa, (Tony) Leung Chiu Wai and others. My report card is very full, I am already very satisfied! I don't live for the award, I have not been able to predict an award. (Did you feel it came too late?) No, I would keep marching ahead, I still have room for improvement. Many people and things are waiting for me to discover."

Siu Chai felt that the advantage of his character was that he has never played such a role. Everyone was pleasantly surprised. He said, "The character difference was enormous. When you are rich, everyone tries to be your friend and kiss up to you; when you are in trouble, instead you are kissing up to other people. The change in mentality is huge. Ka Tung said that he has never seen me so vicious. Actually when I was in school I was like that. I was young and dumb, I constantly fought, I was very vicious! (Would the greatest competition come from Lam Ka Tung?) Every nominee is a good actor. Ka Tung is a very hard working actor, very in character. On the set I didn't see the Ka Tung I knew. It doesn't matter who would win. The nomination is already recognition and I am already very happy. I was in the U.S. when I heard about the nomination. Many asked if I wanted to win. I don't know. I expect not to win. If I do I would be jumping for joy!"

Siu Chai instead was happy to turn from singer to actor. His achievements today did not come easily. He said, "At first (Jacky) Cheung Hok Yau, Lau Tak Wa and (Aaron) Kwok Fu Sing went from very popular singers to making movies. it required time to build, one step at a time. I also took one step at a time to accumulate and prove myself, now I have a good star and experience the moment of the award announcement. In the past I participated as a guest." In the future, Siu Chai wanted to keep challenging himself. He wanted to play different genres and characters. He revealed that he planned to make his own trilogy THE GIRL ACROSS THE WAY LOOKS OVER, HEART TOO SOFT and HEARTBROKEN PACIFIC. They might not be all romantic. They would ultimately give everyone unexpected surprises.

First time Best Actor nominee, dark horse Yue Man Lok, said that he had no confidence to win. "I don't dare to think that I would win. I am already very happy with the nomination. I hope more people would watch the film so more people would know about bipolar disorder. That would be the biggest reward." SHED SKIN PAPA's Francis Ng Chun Yu, and the 4 time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor with REIGN BEHIND THE CURTAIN, 92 LEGENDARY LA ROSE NOIRE, ELECTION and COLD WAR Tony Leung Ka Fai both said that they did not feel any different. If Leung Ka Fai wins, he would tie Tony Leung Chiu Wai's 5 time Hong Kong Best Actor record.

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