Wednesday, April 26, 2017


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Shawn Yue works on Miriam Yeung's music video
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The Miriam Yeung Chin Wa and Shawn Yue Man Lok starred LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING) released its original soundtrack, which included Chin Wa's remake of her idol Danny Chan Pak Keung's WHEN I THINK OF YOU. Chin Wa moved Lok Jai with her sincerity to sing 4 verses and work on the music video together. Lok Jai asked Chin Wa to repay him. At her next Hong Kong Coliseum concert she would arrange for him to try the stage elevator, but after the lift he would leave. He absolutely would not perform.

Lok Jai said that when he found out Chin Wa wanted a model to take his place for the shoot, he thought no model could replace him so he took the role himself. Chin Wa also got to save money. Chin Wa cracked up.

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