Friday, April 14, 2017


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Chrissie Chau Sau Na yesterday attended two events. Last night Chau Sau Na put on her yoga gear to promote her new film 29+1. In the film Sister Na played an office worker. She said that many office workers enjoyed yoga, thus she came to learn.

Without any yoga experience, Sister Na after putting on her gear was a little stiff. She said that she stretched normally, yoga went a little further. Was she afraid of yoga because of that? She said, "No, I have always wanted to try it. I would ask friends to try it with me."

Speaking of the sexy promotion, Sister Na said that yoga clothes had to be form fitting to keep from getting in the way of stretching. With a good box office performance, would she celebrate in a sexy way? She said, "I would try my best, I can't control the box office. I hope the boss would take us on vacation to somewhere with the sun and the sand, there swimwear would be inevitable. I haven't been on vacation in a very long time." She even revealed that the boss promised if the box office would exceed HK$ 10 million everyone would go on vacation.

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