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Miram Yeung, Pang Ho Cheung and Shawn Yue "hit it" in the open -- with blow up hammers
The food poisoning weakened Shawn Yue suddenly finds the strength on stage to pick up a fan
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Miriam Yeung yells at Pang Ho Cheung and Shawn Yue to stop telling dirty jokes but says that she does not mind.
Miriam Yeung moves carefully due to her heels, but her teammates jokes that it is because she is old.
From LOVE ON A PUFF to now, Miriam Yeung, Shawn Yue and Pang Ho Cheung have developed great chemistry.
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Miriam Yeung Chin Wa, Shawn Yue Man Lok and the director yesterday attended the film LOVE OFF THE CUFF (CHUN GIU GAU JI MING)'s promotion. They also played games with everyone, Lok Jai even picked up a female fan who won a game like a princess.

Yesterday Chin Wa wore 7 inch heels and stood more cautiously. Lok Jai joked, "That's right, she is very elegant. All she has to do is stand there and not move." Then he and the director also joked that Chin Wa was a "middle aged woman".

Later the event arranged for the trio to smash a light box with blow up hammers. The director then chuckled. "Are we here today at the shopping center to hit it?" Lok Jai then said to Chin Wa, "Hitting it, what can we do Cherie, hit it until it blows." Chin Wa immediately yelled, "That's enough!"

Later they kept taking jabs at each other during their interview. When asked the elegantly dressed Chin Wa yesterday about Lok Jai and Director Pang's constant dirty jokes, Chin Wa said that she was already numb. "Now my face is thicker than the bottoms of the shoes, my ears are all numb."

Speaking about being called "middle aged woman", Chin Wa said that she would not be mad. "One day they will be on the same boat, they can't shake my emotional quotient." She also sad that earlier while promoting in the Mainland, they said in Putonghua that they had to be with her during menopause. That was very elegant. Yet Cantonese is more direct. "How many men can be with a woman during menopause? I can't be mad at that, I am even a little touched."

Yue Man Lok returned from Shanghai with food poisoning. The Director joked, "Did you eat the wrong young girl or little girl?" Lok Jai said, "Whatever you say." Chin Wa said, "Seeing him like this I feel very good but also my heart ached very much."

The trio today will fly to Beijing to promote the film. Chin Wa said, "I told Lok Jai's assistant to go to the emergency room with him. Later we all will send him in for a check up." Lok Jai said, "All of you? Are you sending me off to a funeral?"

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