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Best Actor Gordon Lam surprises Best Supporting Actor Eric Tsang backstage with a kiss

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Richie Jen pretends to take Gordon Lam's Best Actor award and wants to display it for a month at home
TRIVISA's Best Directors Vicky Wong, Frank Hui and Jevons Au will persist and make movies that they want to make
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Fresh out of the oven Best Actor Gordon Lam Ka Tung, nominees Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai), Philip Keung Ho Man and others celebrated after the awards. They posed for photos in front of a 3D Hong Kong Film Award cake and even toast to boss Peter Lam Kin Ngok with bottles of champagne. When Ka Tung excitedly posed for photos with the Hong Kong Film Award, Siu Chai pretended to be mad and took away the award.

The fresh out of the oven Best Actor Ka Tung said that he felt like he just got his report card, but he would continue to happily try the ups and the downs anew. He said, "Many friends and family members over the years have supported and cared about me. Sometimes they would be sweating from all the talking. For example Godmother Ha Ping used to constantly say she didn't know what I was doing. However young people have dreams and want to achieve a little, so more or less they would have some pressure. However she would only say that because she loved me. From now on I would keep walking this road, I wouldn't stop because of a word or two!" Would he continue to chase his dreams? Ka Tung firmly replied, "Yes, I am still dreaming and not awake yet. Being an actor actually is very hollow, but I would keep going!" Would he get a raise after becoming the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor? He said that he has not thought about it. Speaking of Siu Chai not taking a salary for this film, Ka Tung said, "I did! Why was he so dumb! I am joking! Actually we only took some transportation cost, it doesn't matter. We trust To Sir (Johnnie To Kei Fung) and that's that. I have know this film's directors and writers for over a decade, I wouldn't measure that with money. I hope to team with Siu Chai and Siu Chun again, even for a comedy!"

Siu Chai after pretending to take off with his Best Actor award wanted to borrow it to display at home for a month. Ka Tung joked, "I can let him have it. It doesn't matter, I have the report card even if I lose the award. Maybe in the future when I see the Heavenly Father He would already have it on record, because this award actually truly belongs to everyone!" Was his Mommy on hand to watch his victory? Ka Tung was a little moved. "She came because I wanted her to be the first to see this scene. However I still haven't see them yet. My friends took her home for me first." Ka Tung also thanked Mommy for her support. In his training class days he was broke and Mommy kept supporting him. She told him since he decided on this road he definitely had to work and not complain. Ka Tung said, "Now I achieved a little, which answered to the Lam family in a way. Ma married my Dad and we are OK!"

Yam Yin Chai although lost to Lam Ka Tung was still very gracious and said that he was not disappointed. Speaking of the limited budget of this film, he performed with a pay cut. Siu Chai said that he was not too sure, the crew told him that actually he did not take a salary. Siu Chai joked, "What! I didn't know I wasn't paid. I probably lost money. I remember that I paid for my own flight from Beijing to come back for work!" Siu Chai revealed that he had a few scripts. He has been a producer and a screen writer, and he might direct and act. If he would not be able to he would give it to the younger generation new blood. Siu Chai said, "I really want to be like Tsang Chi Wai, to be able to make comedy and have a lot of fun; but also able to perform roles in INFERNAL AFFAIRS and MAD WORLD and move people to tears. I admire Chi Wai even more for being so supportive of new directors and new comers. I want to be Chi Wai. I hope my son would be like his son, cultivating him to be a good director!"

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