Thursday, April 13, 2017


Anthony Wong, Herman Yau
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Anthony Wong Chau Sun and the director yesterday promoted their new film THE SLEEP CURSE (SUT MIN) on Metro Radio. Chau Sun in the film had a castration scene. The director was fully prepared for a smooth production, he must communicate fully with not just Chau Sun but all the actors to avoid wasting the preparation or actors. He also said that he has not thought about winning an award.

Chau Sun also has not thought about winning an award. He said, "Usually when I would feel I would but I wouldn't get it. You don't get it just because you expect to, so you don't have to think too much about it. This collaboration has been very fun. While shooting in Penang the food and the environment were decent. I would go again." The film hired an etiquette teacher to play a medium. Chau Sun praised her performance. "She is great, her character is very elegant. When she plays the medium she is rather convincing. At first I thought she was a real medium. However the crew joked, 'If we get a real medium, what are we going to do if one possesses her?', haha."

When Eric Tsang Chi Wai received his Best Supporting Actor Hong Kong Film Award, he said to Philip Keung Ho Man, "I see your 26 with my 1 (movie)." Some suspected that he was taking a jab at Hak Jai. Chau Sun said, "My first reaction was were Chi Wai and Hak Jai very close? Usually Chi Wai would joke around like this, for years he has been like this." Some felt bad for nominee Keung Ho Man. Chau Sun said, "After being nominated it's either you or me, everyone has a chance."

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