Saturday, April 15, 2017


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Kara Wai, Tony Wu
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Fresh out of the oven Hong Kong Film Award Best New Performer Tony Wu Tsz Tung had celebration dinners nonstop. April 16 was his 25th birthday. Friends and elders came to celebrate with him. His brethren Kevin Chu Kam Yin and Ng Siu Hin joked that they had to throw a big birthday banquet and award celebration for him.

Wu Tsz Tung after the award has already returned to work right away as he was preparing for Fox's original Chinese television series. In it he will work with three time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress Kara Wai Ying, Best Actor Anthony Wong Chau Sun and Tse Kwan Ho. The team yesterday at the production start presented the Hong Kong Film Award shaped cake to Tsz Tung and Sister Hung. Sister Hung advised the new Hong Kong actor Tsz Tung to concentrate his effort. Tsz Tung was happy to receive the encouragement of an elder so his birthday wish was to make more films and said that as an actor was just like him as an athletic, not afraid of hard work, waiting for opportunities to hone and prepare himself.

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