Monday, April 10, 2017


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Elaine Jin does a rare interview with Suzie Wong
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Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) with the film MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING) won the Hong Kong Film Award Best Supporting Actress as the favorite. At the celebrate she admitted that she forgot to thank her "close friend" Suzie Wong because Ah So she was able to make movies without a care. Kam Yin Ling yesterday went to Commercial Radio for Ah So's radio program live interview and again accepted the listeners' congratulations. Ah So called Kam Yin Ling "Kam Ma Ling" for her to win both the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Awards. She also revealed that she already prepared a big present for her. "She has always wanted me to lose weight and tried to talk me into it for over a decade. I made a decision, if she wins the Golden Horse Award and the Hong Kong Film Award I promise her that I would lose weight. Starting tonight, I will drop from the current 152 pounds to 140 pounds OK?" This little promise made Kam Yin Ling very happy because she has always worried about Ah So's health.

Later they gave a rare interview to the media together. Ah So said about the gift, "Actually it's for her and for me, it's very hard to lose weight because I am the all eating type. I hope to stop eating after 6PM. She is afraid that I would die before her!" Kam Yin Ling said that she called Ah So after she won, but she was already asleep. Today she will head to Shanghai to continue to work. She still has not had the chance to celebrate. Kam Yin Ling said, "For years she wouldn't let me thank her publicly, but I wanted to. I just had my mind on thanking my daughter and forgot." Ah So smiled sweetly after hearing that.

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