Tuesday, April 18, 2017


courtesy of singtao.com
courtesy of mingpao.com

Andy Lau Tak Wa while working on a commercial shoot on January 17th fell off a horse and was severely injured. The next day he returned to Hong Kong on a medical charter and was rushed to the hospital for treatment upon his arrival. Wa Jai stayed at the hospital for over 50 days, and was released on March 10th. Finally Wa Jai stood up! Yesterday Wa Jai posted a recent photo on his blog. Now he is able to move around with a cane.

He merged the photo with a promotional photo from his film SHOCK WAVE (CHAK DAN JUEN GA). Wa Jai posted, "The front is you, the back is you! Just do it! No lane change!!" Wa Jai's heart was closely connected to the SHOCK WAVE promotion but he was unable to participate due to his injury. He would not be able to attend the premiere on the 19th, thus he first told everyone the good news. He is already able to stand and move around with a cane. This photo was Wa Jai's support for SHOCK WAVE.

Before his injury, Wa Jai performed a new song with Alan Tam Wing Lun, SIMPLICITY IS FORTUNE. According to Alan, Wa Jai was very serious. Wa Jai wrote the lyrics for the song six to seven times and was still not pleased. He even took the song arrangement composer Johnny Yim to completely remove the music, all the color went form Johnny's face. Later he played another part and Wa Jai accepted it.

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