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Zhou Dongyu keeps calling Takeshi Kaneshior handsome, even in Cantonese
Producer Peter Chan, Director Derek Hui, Takeshi Kaneshiro and Zhou Dongyu
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"God" Takeshi Kaneshiro (Gum Sing Mo) and Golden Horse Best Actress Zhou Dongyu, producer Peter Chan Ho Sun, director Derek Hui Won Yu yesterday attended their film THIS IS NOT WHAT I EXPECTED (HEI FOON NEI)'s press conference. In the film Gum Sing Mo and Zhou Dongyu fell in love over food. Dongyu even daringly said that she wanted to "tempt" the god! Gum Sing Mo immediately congratulated former rumored old flame Charlie Yeung Choi Nei on giving birth to twins, but whether they will work together he will have to see "Director Yeung's" intention.

During the photo opportunity, Gum Sing Mo and Zhou Dongyu appeared to be strangers but the latter was energetic, lively and full of expressions. When she saw Gum Sing Mo posing for photos, she kept saying "very handsome" and said in less than fluent Cantonese, "very handsome, I like you". However Gum Sing Mo still did not respond. When the event brought out a fruit bouquet for the ceremony, Dongyu helped herself to the strawberry and lemon without any care.

They spoke to the media. Producer Chan Ho Sun called Gum Sing Mo's personality old fashioned. Gum Sing Mo said, "This performance is different from the past. This time the screen writer is very young, and has a lot of young people's ideas. Although it is a romantic comedy, it doesn't try too hard to be funny. (Is it different from your real personality?) I haven't thought about it, I like to eat too but not as picky as the character. However I understand the feeling of being picky." Gum Sing Mo played a perfectionist character, he admitted that at work he was in pursuit of perfection.

Playing a chef in the film, Dongyu could not cook at all in real life except for frying eggs and helping Mama with dumplings. She praised Gum Sing Mo as very amazing, being able to make the very hard to eat props appear to be very fragrant and very tasty. She had to learn from him. Dongyu even said that she wanted to seduce Gum Sing Mo. "I give him quiet a headache, tempt a god in a special way. Sometimes I would 'improvise' the performance and not follow the script, which would surprise him. He has a lot of a real reaction and is able to follow up. He is quite cute." Chan Ho Sun immediately explained the "tempt" Dongyu referred to actually meant "tease".

Gum Sing Mo admitted that at first he did not know what to do with Dong Yu. He was not used to her way to communicate with acting at all, and the schedule was very tight. However her performance method was very exciting to him. "As long as co-stars can pick up her performance they are still fine. I am very envious that she is able to perform like this. Sometimes I am afraid of interpreting her performance! (Would you like this type of cute girl?) It's possible, anything is possible!"

Would Dongyu want to win Best Actress again after working with Chan Ho Sun on SOUL MATE? She said, "Don't say that anymore, this is life." When the event brought out a "fruit bouquet", the host asked them to symbolize love with fruit. Dongyu stated, "I would choose lemon. It looks fresh and bright but when you take a bite, it is very sour like love. (Have you experienced any heartbreak?) Yes, when I was little I didn't get it. This feeling is great for getting into the character. (Would you take the initiative and make your feeling known?) I didn't in the past and I won't now." Gum Sing Mo felt that each fruit could represent love, depending on who he was with. In the end he chose cantaloupe and pineapple, both of which were hard on the outside but soft inside.

In addition, Gum Sing Mo's rumored old flame Yeung Choi Nei just gave birth to twins. Would he congratulate her and work with her? Gum Sing Mo was surprised, seemingly did not know that she has become a mother. He immediately congratulated her. "Really? Congratulation congratulation! I rarely read the news so I don't know. (Would you like to work together again?) She is already Director Yeung! Let's see what Director Yeung thinks about that!"

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