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The Paco Wong produced, Sun Zhenfeng, Zheng Ziping, Venus Wong Man Yik, Ken Low Wai Kwong and Sam Lee Chan Sam starred film UNLEASHED (DEI HA KUEN) will open on the 4th. The film's selling point would be actual fighting, no actor in the film was spared as everyone was battered and bruised. The film's only heroine Wong Man Yik said, "Actually in comparison to Xiao Sun and Ziping, my contribution wasn't much. My heart broken from seeing all their bruises from fighting. I hope the audience would be able to see everyone's effort on screen."

The film's action director Chris Collins served in the U.S. Marines for 9 years. Both leads were also fighters, Zheng Ziping was the 1998 Wushu Sanda championship (65 kilograms) champion and was named a "national top class warrior" by the Shandong Sports Committee. As for the injuries from UNLEASHED, Ziping said, "The shoot sometimes required repeating fights, in order to coordinate with the camera sometimes injuries were inevitable. I lived with Xiao Sun. Every night at home we helped each other with treating the wounds, haha!"

The other lead Sun Zhenfeng also won countless awards from many martial art contests, so he had no fear in face of actual fight scenes. "All the injuries were minor. In one scene I didn't dodge in time, the corner of my eye took a kick. The wound was superficial." With the younger folks giving their all to the performance, elders Low Wai Kwong and Lee Chan Sam admitted that seeing Xiao Sun and Ziping's performance that held nothing back, they admired the two newcomers' serious attitude at work.

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