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While on location in Japan Michelle Wai receives the princess treatment, after returning to Hong Kong she has to lose weight.
Michelle Wai specifically picks Danson Tang for the role
Michelle Wai changes so many times that she grows tired of it
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The actress Michelle Wai Sze Nga starred romance LOST AND FOUND IN TOKYO (SHOOK NUI OI MAN YAU) postponed its release due to the pandemic from April to mid June. Brokenhearted in the film, Wai Sze Nga went to recover in Japan and admitted that it happened to her before. "When I went on vacation by myself several times they were all because of bad breakups. I went to Taiwan and Korea. I was forgotten and after a week was better. Because when a girl travels alone she has a lot to worry about and take care of, you have no time to think too much. You can say that at the moment of getting off the plane I was already fine, traveling alone to cure heartbreak truly is effective."

Carrying 80% of the film alone, Wai Sze nga had over 20 colorful looks. At first the costume fitting took two days. During the shoot she changed so many times she grew tired of it, luckily the result was worth the effort to her. While shooting in Japan, Wai Sze Nga was the happiest about the nonstop delicacy feast as if she truly went on vacation. She said, "I kept eating at work, the team was afraid that I would get cold and kept giving me hot chocolate. I got fat, when I returned to Hong Kong for another film I lost continuity, haha!"

Aside from on screen work, Wai Sze Nga earlier also participated in screenplay creation. She even has the support of Emperor boss Albert Yeung Sau Sing's production start. Under the pandemic she hoped that it would happen this year. Since she was busy both on and off screen, would she not have time to get married? She said, "This isn't up to you. When I run into it I wouldn't resist, but I wouldn't force anything either."

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