Sunday, June 21, 2020


Adrian Wong posts a childhood photo with father Felix Wong
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Elva Ni shares a ultrasonic photo and fiance Vincent in a Dad cap
Leon Lai shows off his daughter's artwork on his legs
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Elva Ni
Eddie Cheung and his daughter
Charlene Choi and her father
Patrick Tam
Mag Lam and her father

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Shawn Yue's son Cody wears a Best Brother shirt to hint at a new sibling
Wong Cho Nam's daughter Gabrielle announces the impending arrival of a new sibling

Leo Ku thanks his parents as he spends his first Father's Day with son Kuson
Patrick Tam stars with his daughter in his rendition of George Lam's CHASING MEMORIES music video, which he dedicated to his late father.
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Yesterday was Father's Day. Artists who are first time fathers shared their experience on social media. Even Leon Lai Ming joined in the fun as he posted his daughter's "artwork" on facebook and wishedall the good fathers a Happy Father's Day. However, the most eye catching of course had to be Shawn Yue Man Lok and Wong Cho Nam as both announced that their wives were with their second child and their families would soon become a family of four. They obviously enjoyed the joy of fatherhood very much.

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