Sunday, June 21, 2020


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Brian Wong brings his wife and daughter and the girl steals the spotlight
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Yeung Pan Pan, Wong Ha Wai, Brian Wong Chak Fung yesterday attended a shopping center promotion. After her leg surgery last year Yeung Pan Pan said that the recovery has been progressing ideally. She joked that she walked faster than young people, and would not eliminate the possibility of challenging highly difficult stunts. Due to the pandemic, Pan Pan remained in Hong Kong after the operation and would return to work in the Mainland film action stunt training center after the pandemic. She hoped to be able to pass on the unique Hong Kong film action stunts, thus she would gladly help with the younger generations and teach a new generation of actors. "Earlier at the Tung Wah fund raiser I worked with four Miss Hong Kongs and saw that they were not working. I told them not to wait, to take advantage of the time to prepare themselves. Two of them came to study with me. I taught them basic skills that I hope would be useful to them in the future."

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