Monday, June 22, 2020


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The 40 year old Raymond Lam Fung at the end of last year wed Mainland model Carina Zhang Xinyue, earlier his wife was reportedly pregnant. Currently working on the Wong Jing directed new film KUNG FU CULT MASTER (YI TIN TOH LUNG GEI) did not hold back because he was about to become a father. He remained rather professional as he personally performed most of the fighting scenes. However, because of his role and numerous fight scenes, he was rather exhausted. Earlier in a fight scene with Louis Fan Siu Wong he accidentally injured his shoulder and had to stop the production. The team jumped to shoot other actors' scenes first. Because the location was very remote, a medical practitioner was hired in Hengdian in an emergency basis to go to the location to treat him with acupuncture. After the treatment and rest he was already fine and was able to continue the shoot.

Reportedly Zhang Xinyue's expectant date was at the end of July, thus the team was shooting in the Mainland in a hurry in hopes of completing the production in August. However, due to the frequent rain recently, the team constantly had to wait for the rain to stop and the production progress has been rather slow. For now the production wrap date remained unknown.

As for Lam Fung's injury, Wong Jing said, "Because he was too tired and not feeling too well, I gave hm two days off earlier. (Did he ask to take time off for paternity leave?) No, I never ask about personal matter."

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