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Karena Lam says that the audience feels she is perfect, but actually she has other yet to be discovered potential
Karena Lam says that her husband is crazy, but she gladly accepts the challenge and goes crazy with him
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Karena Lam Ka Yun after HEAVEN IN THE DARK (UM SIK TIN DONG) again worked with husband Steve Yuen Kim Wai in the Emperor Motion Picture LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD (SEI YUN MO HOR YI) as the lead actress. The performance is a breakthrough and the costume outstanding, leaving viewers shivering. As for working with her husband again, Ka Yun said that her husband is crazy enough to ask her to play this alternative character and shatter others' perfect image of her. She also gladly accepts the challenge and jokes that everyone can go crazy together.

Lam Ka Yun and Anthony Wong Chau Sun in the Emperor Motion Picture LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD both have breakthrough performance that is different from the audience's image of them. Ka Yun in order to bring to life this sloppy and chubby middle age woman made a lot of preparation before hand. Aside from studying acting she also gained a dozen pounds or so. "I tried to wear a fake belly, but the result wasn't great. The director told me to sacrifice a little and gained a dozen pounds or so. Actually gaining weight is very easy, as long as you have late night snacks every night you can see results in a month. I gained a dozen pounds and didn't dye my hair for 3 months. My white hair is all true. In addition the character has amblyopia. I had to wear a special made contact lens that was bigger than a HK$ 5 coin. The optometrist originally limited wearing it for only 4 hours, but putting in it and taking it off during the shoot would be rather troublesome. During the shoot I wouldn't remove it. Because people with amblyopia sees things differently from ordinary people. Before hand at home I would do eyeball exercises. The character isn't fully mobile. I tied a 5 pound weight to my calf. I wanted the body to remember the reaction, in everyday life I would practice repeatedly so it would be natural during the shoot. My daughter saw that I kept practicing with my left eye and limping when I walked, she knew that I was getting ready for the character."

After HEAVEN IN THE DARK, Lam Ka Yun worked with her husband again. She stated that when her husband asked her to perform she thought it was incredible. "The director really is very crazy. He said that when he wrote HEAVEN IN THE DARK he thought of me because the character was naive and stubborn, which I understood. However he couldn't have possibly think of me with LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD's Shum Chi Ling? I work very hard to be a good Mama and a good wife. I asked him why, he said that he wanted to shatter other people's perfect image of me because everyone thought it was very perfect. However actually I still had a lot yet to be discovered. Since he was crazy enough to ask me to perform, I had the courage to accept it. Many actors want a breakthrough performance, but may not have any suitable opportunity. I just happen to have this chance, I would gladly accept it. Let's all go crazy."

Speaking of husband Yuen Kim Wai, Ka Yun had nothing but praise for him. She said that on the set they never argued. "I have been acting for many years. No matter who is the director he is always the soul figure. I can't cross the line, even if the director is my husband it is the same. If I have any opinion I would bring it up before the shoot begins, after the shoot begins I wouldn't talk about it anymore. I would focus on doing my job. (Would you give him any suggestion?) Every time I make a movie I would constantly dream of the story, as soon as I do I would immediately tell him. He would put some of the dream into the story. (Do dreams mean you have stress?) I definitely would have stress, if I work steadily I would have no new excitement or new experience. I discover that I have to keep being stimulated to think, otherwise I would be numb." Would they keep working together? Ka Yun said that her husband is planning a new film, which finally would have nothing to do with her. She said, "A director has to work with different substance actors to have new excitement. He and I have natural chemistry, which isn't great. It would spoil him. I feel he has to work with different actors in order to improve more and more."

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