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Carlos Chan and Kathy Yuen have been buddies, this time they have the challenge of playing a couple.
With the bed scene partner being Ka Lok, Tong Yi is even more at ease.
Carlos Chan plays dumb when he hears Kathy Yuen's complaint
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Artists and buddies Carlos Chan Ka Lok and Kathy Yuen (Tong Yi) in their new film played a couple and even had a sweet bed scene. Tong Yee revealed that Ka Lok during the shoot pulled down his shorts as an "added bonus", but Ka Lok had no memory of it. He turned red and clarified that the director demanded it! He instead said that during the kiss scene Tong Yee complained that the kiss was uncomfortable, which made the shoot more and more awkward!

Chan Ka Lok and Tong Yee in the Emperor Motion Picture LEGALLY DECLARED DEAD (SEI YUN MO HOR YI) played a couple for the first time. Tong Yi was fortunate that the bed scene partner was Ka Lok, which put her at ease. "After knowing him for so long we have certain level of trust, I can be more at ease. With people I am not as familiar with I would be a little hesitant. Instead with him I feel, do whatever you want! During the shoot we didn't design any move, but someone pulled down my pants!" Ka Lok immediately turned red, "Really? Did I get into it that much? I can't remember, wasn't it already pulled down long ago? The director demanded it! Otherwise how would I dare to pull down your pants?"

Tong Yee continued, "Really? I don't remember! Luckily at the time it didn't feel like it was half out (rear), I can accept showing a little because of him! Working on this type of scenes for the first time is really challenging, fortunately Ka Lok guided me throughout." Ka Lok did not seem to enjoy the production process too much. He joked, "The more we worked the more awkward it got, at first we were very relaxed. Then she said that my stubble was pricking her, so I had to keep that in mind! When you make this type of scenes with someone you know there would be post race analysis, they would tell you that the kiss wasn't comfortable."

Aside from the bed scene, Ka Lok also had many solo scenes in which he broke down. At the time he was working on several movies at once, at the peak he went over 60 hours straight and was left very exhausted. "Once after I was done I had two hours before the next shoot, I stayed at the prop bed and slept. In 20 minutes something bit and woke me up, I couldn't shower, so I just sat there and let it bite! I also have fallen asleep in the middle of my co-star's delivery. it really was embarrassing!"

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