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After shaving his head, Richie Jen laments that actors have to follow where their costumes would take them. 
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Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) had to shave his head for his special costume in the film KOWLOON WALLED CITY (GAU LUNG SING JAI). Earlier Soi Cheang Pou Soi personally cut his hair. Siu Chai looked at his bald head and said, "The Performing Art life originally is a dream. As a singer I can be handsome everyday. As an actor I can only follow where the costume takes me." He tried a skull cap with special effect make up for the first time and took four hours. The result was not too good, in order to coordinate with the progress he could only shave his head.

Over 20 years ago he shaved his head for a television series. He said that at the time he only acted in order to sing the theme song. He never thought that the role would require him to shave his head. For almost half a year after finishing the series he had no new job. The staff said that he could work on a hair growth tonic commercial. Siu Chai joked that if the price was right he would consider it. How would he handle the other film LUM SI HAI GIP (TEMPORARY ARMED ROBBERY) after shaving his head? Siu Chai said that his character in LUM would have to wear a wig and another look. A shaved heed would make the wig fit better. Currently he only had a New Year's Eve countdown event. He did not know which look he would appear with on the stage.

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