Tuesday, December 21, 2021


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Jacky Cheung reveals that he stays at home during the pandemic and learns to do chores and home appliance maintenance

Jacky Cheung personally picks the cover photo for the Hong Kong stop of the tour.  Every time he looks at the photo he feels the concert was filled with sweat and tears.
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Jacky Cheung Hok Yau in commemoration of his 2 year and 3 month long, 233 show concert tour released a video production series with both the Taipei stop and the Hong Kong stop. In Hong Kong the first pre-order has already passed platinum in sales and also came in first and second on the Hong Kong YesAsia music CD and concert product sales chart. As for recent rumors about him in financial crisis, he denied it and stressed that he has always have a habit of saving money. He also would never retire, in the future he would continue to organize musicals.

In addition, Hok Yau has not participated in film production in a long time. He revealed that he would work on a movie in the first half of next year. The entire film would shoot on location in Hong Kong, so he would not need to go to the Mainland. He joked that he did not have the budget for quarantine and was someone needed. Would he miss his family? Hok Yau joked, "I am the one who can't let go!" Since he has not made a move in very long time, was this character very attractive? He said that actually he has not worked for too long, so it was "what's good for me, what's good for you". He half wanted to want and half wanted to return the favor.

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