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TVB actor Yeung Chiu Hoi recently talked about his directing debut THE FIRST GIRL I LOVED (HEI FOON NEI SI NEI). Chiu Hoi revealed that the reason that he and the other director, classmate Ng Wing Shan, made the youth film was that after watching YOU ARE THE APPLE OF MY EYE they were inspired. They thought that everywhere around the world had youth film, why would Hong Kong seem to lack this genre. In addition 2003 was a year that was well worth remembering for the people of Hong Kong. He said, "That year due to SARS I remember I wore a mask to the Certificate of Education Examination. Thus for my first movie, I really wanted to chronicle that moment."

Chiu Hoi also shared the reason that he used new actors. "In 2018 I constantly heard that the film industry had no successor. I was upset, since no one gave new comers a chance they of course couldn't hold their own. I kept this problem in my heart. So before the shoot I said I had to use new comers. Yeung Si Wing was chosen from auditioning over 200 actresses. The other one Tam Sin Yin came to the audition through introducing herself to the producer. I saw her unique personality and decided to cast her."

Speaking of spending six years before becoming a film director, Chiu Hoi got sentimental. "Thank you to my family. Starting from the training class to making the first movie, this journey has been very tough. My parents worried about my life very much, and I might not be able to provide them with great lives. I felt like I owed them. I was very happy after watching the premiere, my parents felt proud to have a son like me!" Chiu Hoi also thanked his wife for always supporting him. He said, "I have know my wife for a very long time. She has witnessed my every stage, the pain I withstood while making the movie. To be able to have the support and the recognition from the team, family and viewers, I really am very touched."

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