Friday, December 24, 2021


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The Stephy Tang Lai Yan starred film TWELVE DAYS (12 YUT), for which she performed the theme song. Stephy said that the song title was a mutual agreement of the production team. Because TWELVE DAYS was the classic film from 20 years ago TWELVE NIGHTS's conceptual continuation and used 12 days to tell the 10 year relationship of a married couple, from the lyricist to the entire production team everyone felt that the song title should have the feeling of "continuation". The lyrics expressed female protagonist Jeannie's inner world. Stephy said, "This song is very helpless, that helplessness really wants to be told, but it doesn't dare and doesn't want to tell, just like the female lead in the relationship with the male lead. She is fighting, tugging, but at the same time inside she feels very conflicted." Stephy said that she has always wanted to sing a film theme song, because its feeling was very different from the usual pop song interpretation.

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