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Wang Leehom has been named by the Mainland official media Global Times and cannot avoid of fate of being banned
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Wang Leehom's good guy reputation is all gone in one shot

Lee Jinglei decides to let go and the storm has come to an end

Wang Leehom issues an apology 
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The first photo with Lee Jinglei Wang Leehom posted on Weibo 

Lee Jinglei claims that she would only take the children's living and education expenses, while Wang Leehom not only issues an apology but also transfers their Taipei home to her name

After the apology, Lee Jinglei says that she would not sue Wang Leehom and his father for libel

The last photo with Lee Jinglei Wang Leehom posted on Weibo
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Taiwan singer Wang Leehom (Wong Lik Won) in the middle of the month announced his divorce from his wife Lee Jinglei, who two days later posted accusations against him of having casual sex, soliciting prostitutes, and transferring assets. Wang's father personally wrote a letter to defend his son against Lee Jinglei's charges, stressing that his son did not cheat and was not a loser; instead he accused Lee Jinglei of planning the pregnancy to force the marriage and years of continuous extortions, even demanding several hundreds of thousands in alimony. Lee Jinglei immediately struck back with 7 points, demanding a public apology from Wang Leehom before 3 PM yesterday. Otherwise she would sue him and Father Wang with libel. Wang Leehom two nights ago also spoke up in defense on social media for the first time, declaring, "I have not been unfaithful to this marriage. During this 5 year and 8 month long marriage, I have lived under fear, extortions and threats......" Right now Lee Jinglei continuously hounded him. Yesterday afternoon Wang Leehom decided to apologize to his family and Lee Jinglei on social media and expressed that he would temporarily retreat from show business. The home that the children reside in would be transferred to their mother's name. After the apology, Lee Jinglei responded to Taiwan media inquiry simply with "I would no longer sue."

Wang Leehom posted on the 19th late night, "Today has been the saddest day in my life, an extremely fierce and painful nightmare. My difficulties are, if I respond to so many untrue accusations, people would say that I treated my three children's Mama poorly. However if I don't respond, everyone would believe those things to be true. So my social responsibility is to respond.....I have to clearly state the first point: I can say with certainty that I have not been unfaithful to our marriage. I met Nishiharu (mura) Michiko (her name when they met) was at my 2003 concert. However, we had no further contact for almost ten years......"

"Our marriage went from November 27th 2013 to our separation on August 5th 2019, for 5 years and 8 months I was living under fear, extortion and threats. Not long as we were together she was pregnant, I was both surprised and happy because I especially longed to have children, but at the time we still haven't reached the stage of talking about marriage. However that day she was particularly emotional, saying, 'if we don't get married today, I would disappear, change my name, the child in my belly ,you would never see in this lifetime. Don't even think about looking for me, you would never find me' (the conversation was recorded in a 2016 marriage consulting session). I couldn't possibly imagine that I WOULD never see the child. I saw how upset she was and with all the punching and kicking I nodded and agreed. We registered in New York City that day, which was the most heart pounding day of my life. I would never expect, in comparison to today, it would just be an appetizer. During our 5 year and 8 month long marriage, I admit that we continuously had problems. Starting in March 2014 we began to see a psychiatrist who specialized in marriage, altogether we saw 5, but in the end, very regrettably, we never had no way to truly improve....."

"After the separation, we started to seriously discuss divorce agreement in December 2020. She even said through the mediator, if Leehom won't meet my demands, she would be willing to tell the media and destroy my career (the mediator said that the file was recorded, but I still haven't heard it). In the end, Lee Jinglei isn't the type that doesn't want a single cent as she has claimed. From the start she demanded around 200 million RMB. In the end the version both sides signed was around 150 million yuan RMB, including half of the Los Angeles home, half of the stock holding (in USD) and 210,000 yuan RMB monthly in living expense, in the addition she required a driver, a vehicle, 24 hour live in maid service, and 18 years rent free stay in the Taipei I choose to speak up publicly, the only point is, I must use this only way to communicate with Jinglei to plead with you: please target me in everything. I am willing to meet all of your demand, all of the rage, but the internet truly is a world that anyone would leave a trace in. You have already used it to ruin me. Please, do not let these records bring even further unpleasantness to our three children's further a public figure, I have to apologize to the general public for not managing my marriage. As for innocent friends who have been dragged in, I sincerely apologize......I have to apologize to Papa Wang, Mama Wang. I thank you for writing the hand written letter last night, because I didn't properly manage my marriage, your son got Papa and Mama involved, for which I deeply apologize! Sorry! In the end, my writing has not finished with talking about Jinglei, but I would respond to her 5,000 word long untrue accusation letter one by one." However yesterday Wang Leehom changed his tune as he issued an apology on his social media platform. "Thinking over and over, a man still should bear all the responsibilities. I would no longer make any further explanation or defense, not properly managing the marriage, bringing trouble to the family, not giving the general public the image an idol should have, all of which are my fault. Here, I sincerely apologize to Papa, Mama, Jinglei and our children. Since we have already divorced, debating anything in the past is already meaningless."

"From now on, I would pay attention to what I say and do. I would bear the responsibility of being a father, a son and a public figure. Financially and in life I would take care of Jinglei and the children to the best of my abilities. I plan to temporarily retreat from work, making time to spend with my parents and children to make up for the damages this storm has brought." He also said, "Jinglei, we still have to raise our 3 children together, the home that you live in I would transfer to your name. I would also fully participate in and bear the cost of raising and educating the children. This matter certainly is due to my improper handling. I hereby apologize to everyone again."

In addition, By2's young sister Yumi Sun was swept up in the marital troubles. Two nights ago she admitted that before his marriage she had a relationship with Wang Leehom, but she denied that she interfered in his marriage. She revealed that she and Wang Leehom had a relationship in 2012, as far as she knew Lee Jinglei did not officially start her relationship with Wang Leehom until October 2013. Lee Jinglei mentioned that her marital crisis began in 2019. Yumi has removed Wang Leehom from her social media contact long before.

Yumi said, "At this moment, Ms. Lee should not change the timing on my relationship with Mr. Wang, misdirect everyone into believing that we still had a relationship after your marriage and using me to win over support."

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